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Quarantine your money. This movie is diseased.
Adam Love - wrote on 10/27/08

This movie just plain wasn't good. I found it more entertaining counting the number of people who checked what time it was through the first half of the movie. Note to the web adminitrators of You've filed this movie under the wrong genre, please file under "Horrible, Coma Inducing"... They are probably very close alphabetically so I can understand the mistake.

The shaky "reality" filming style Qauarantine tried to tackle is something I consider just as gutsy as filming in black and white nowadays. The director (John Dowdle) shows us just how easy it is to fail. The plot is never fully explained... if anything it's made more confusing. There was barely any character development. I wasn't even convinced that the characters cared about each other all that much. The scenes would have been choppy even without the filming style. The conversations were dull and clearly an afterthought. The director must have concluded the audience could relate to the diseased, neck-biting grunts better than the people we were actually following around. If that's the case... he's brilliant, just wish I would have gotten the memo. So... we have a movie with an unexplained plot, uncomfortably boring conversations, bad filming decisions, and characters who just don't care much about each other... wait a second...

Note to the web adminitrators of Please retract my previous request and file this movie under "Porno (No Nudity)". No one will be confused with what they're getting.

I'm giving this movie 1.5 out of 4 stars. 3 out of 4 stars if the genre is corrected.

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Alex - wrote on 10/27/08 at 12:17 AM CT

Quarantine Review comment

Josh will get right on that correction. As always, great review. I will put this movie in the "never watch" list that I am going to create

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