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There's Something About Mary

Prolly the best Comedy ever!
Moviejunkie - wrote on 09/04/11

Mary is an island of sanity, good-natured humanity and genuine sweetness in an ocean of anarchy.
Without her presence, `There's Something About Mary' would be merely sophomoric and tasteless and for some, that would be enough. But with her, this comedy is fall down laughing, pound on the floor funny.
Its opening sequence is so good, and climaxes with a shot that is so shockingly hilarious, that I was certain the rest of the movie would be a letdown. But wait! It goes on. There are payoffs that people will be laughing at all over again merely at the thought. I do not want to spoil anyone's fun by revealing too much. Instead, let me give you just a hint of the biggest laughs:

-- The Zipper.

-- The Dead Dog.

-- The Rest Area.

-- The Dead Dog (Again).

-- The Hair-Do.

Down a notch, but only a notch, on the laugh meter:

-- The Tan Line.

-- The Interrogation.

-- Picking Up the Keys.

-- The Fishhook.

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