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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Best Love story ever!!!
Moviejunkie - wrote on 08/30/11

This movie opened my eyes! Its the film that showed me that Love is more than just a word. Joel (Played by Jim Carrey) is a shy and lonely man, who's real joy in life is finding Clementine (Kate Winslet) a women who's personality is the extreme in opposite. So to make a long story short, Thier relationship ends bitterly. As a result, Clementine decides to erase Joel from her memory. (by a medical mind erasing procedure) to mitigate her pain and heartache throughout her relationship with Joel. Joel ends up discovering this decides to undergo the procedure himself out of spite and revenge. And then we all see Joel's memories of his relationship with Celementine, memories of love compassion and innocence. We see Joel has regretted ever udnergoing the operation. He realizes the underlying moral of the story that the director wants the audience to understand, which is Love is something that should not be erased. With love, there lies arguements, imperfections and hurt. But despite all of that, the movie asks the question of Aren't the memories of love important enough that people should endure the negative aspects of it?" love comes with a price. As we let people come closer into our lives, we leave ourselves vulnerable to heartbreak. Love is the most powerful force on this earth. It has the power to create life, or destroy it! It can be that greatest joy imaginable or the most painful. Men & Women have done many wounderful things in the name of Love, aswell as some horrible things. I have'nt even stratched the surface on what love truely is. But this movie helped me break through the ice and now i have a beginners knowledge of what true love really is. This movie is very special to me. It opened my heart!

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