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Frozen (2013)

A charming and magical animation film
sreekirch - wrote on 03/31/14

I’m frozen now. Cool breeze all around. Storming winter snow and giant snowman in a simple and song a long adventure animation film from the crew who gave us Wreck It Ralph. A smart and alluring animation film. It is bound by a winter’s tale and has a lot to make it simple and steady. The characters are cool, really cool and the songs are a treat. The voice overs by Kristen bell and Idina create wonders. The snow man is really funny. The film has the in bound charm and waves its magic all around. So Frozen is about a young girl to be a queen who is cursed with a freeze touch. Whatever she touches, it freezes. Trouble now! She keeps aloof and there comes her sister to her rescue. But her fear of harming her keeps her always isolated. No matter whatever happens, her younger sister is taking steps to bring her back, but she is freezing because of some icy touch by her sister and only true love can save her. Hey did shrek 3 I think, also had the same kind of concept. But my goodness, Frozen took its turn and really took me by surprise. Not as easy as one thinks, there are layers of story, lots of emotional undertones, and even betrayal. Never mind so much in an animation film. It is fun and really a cool film. I am frozen for its making and really a warm treat for everyone. Sing the songs and also enjoy the film as I rate it as best it can be.

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