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The Fighter (2010)

One Of The Best Boxing Movies Ever
Alex - wrote on 01/07/11

Christian Bale deserves an Oscar. Probably his best performance. He is dynamic, believable, and worthy of every award he gets. Despite his crappy choices recently, this one makes up for it. Great performances aside, this is a really good movie. Not your typical sports movie. The setting is incredibly real, the characters are real. Half the time, it felt like I was watching a documentary.

The cinematography is what kept this movie interesting. It was somewhat unique. At times it felt like a documentary (as I said above) and other times, it felt like cinema. I think this brought an edge to the movie, unlike many other sports and boxing movies.

Though this is no Raging Bull, it is definitely one of the top 3 boxing movies of all time. The melodrama was not over blown, and the ending was not outlandish. It is what it is, and I commend the producers and director for that. This movie won't exactly blow you away, but is deserved of a top 10 movies of 2010. See it.

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