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JanethCruz - wrote on 09/17/08 at 01:18 AM CT

hi nice to meet you

Ghost Seed - wrote on 08/19/08 at 08:32 PM CT

Well thank you!

Ghost Seed - wrote on 07/22/08 at 01:25 AM CT

The Dark Knight Review comment

...Honestly I wasn't too crazy about Katie, and was happy to hear that she was going to be replaced. But I really admire Nolan for casting unconventional beauties for the role. Both of them, at least in my opinion, look more like they would work for the D.A. - rather than on a runway or red carpet.
But the real question is - who will be brought in win battys affections in the next one? A certain Ms. Kyle perhaps?? I certainly hope so.

RamIRulZ - wrote on 07/21/08 at 02:22 PM CT

The Dark Knight Review comment

ive been obsessed with batman since im 7 years old and ive never been demanding much when it comes to movies except for the batman franchise, what nolan did is close to being genious i for one couldn't have done better with 500 millions dollars and 20 years to do are right one the money with this flick, nice review!
ledger's performance is now the reference for any actor

Ghost Seed - wrote on 07/21/08 at 09:12 AM CT

The Dark Knight Review comment

Great review!

Junoverse611 - wrote on 06/19/08 at 05:58 PM CT

okay cool, i actually did realize you wrote a review after i asked you, silly me lol. and thanks for the request =)

Junoverse611 - wrote on 06/18/08 at 09:49 PM CT

hey i was wondering, how was forgetting sarah marshall?

Josh C - wrote on 05/24/08 at 11:41 AM CT

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review comment

Why would you see a movie 4 times that you are not thrilled with it? I know there isn't too much out, but still.

Allison - wrote on 04/15/08 at 11:20 AM CT

nah I think/know someone could catch up with me. i'm just waiting for that to happen.

Allison - wrote on 03/23/08 at 11:03 AM CT

Happy Easter!

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