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moviefun's Information

Ranking Status: Aspiring Actress

Name: Melissa Hardiman

Gender: Female

Current Area: Metairie, LA

Home Town: Princeton, IN

Education: High School Diploma Associates Degree Bachlors Degreee

Employer: ACME

Position: Editor - Edit films

About Me: I am currently living in New Orleans and want to be a film director some day. I am working as an editor right now and would like to find a job as a script supervior.

Interests: My interest are writing, reading, filming, watching movies and listening to music. I am very easy going and would like to meet other filmmakers who are wanting to gain some contacts in the biz.

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Favorite Genre: Fantasy

Recent Comments

bluenose1978 - wrote on 05/07/08 at 07:38 PM CT

I let the people who know what they are doing worry about the business, I just concentrate on enjoying what they come up with ;)

Thanks for asking though, what do you do?

Allison - wrote on 05/02/08 at 11:18 AM CT

It's all about connections. I have some friends, but I am not as good at networking as I would like!

PortraitArtist - wrote on 05/02/08 at 09:56 AM CT

In answer to your question - I'm not in the biz. Just an artist who likes films. My closest connection to anything 'Hollywood' is doing some artwork for a Comedy Central pilot.

Allison - wrote on 04/29/08 at 12:52 AM CT

hi nice to meet you and glad we're friends. I'm in L.A. right now. Writing screenplays but not professionally yet :(

Alex - wrote on 04/28/08 at 09:41 PM CT

In due time :)

Alex - wrote on 04/27/08 at 11:10 PM CT

where is your list?

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