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Another Penny Marshall Film

TheWolf - wrote on 08/10/2007

Drew Barrymore is a girl (Beverly) with a dream to go to college and escape the poorer working class lifestyle and take on the Big Apple, but she is thrust into the world of motherhood, much to the disappointment of her father, played excellently by James Woods. Beverly must sacrifice her original plans and marry her son's father, Ray, portrayed by Steve Zahn. She lacks the motive of love, so when Ray's somewhat good-natured but weak disposition leads him to the prison of drug addiction, her next decision is not too difficult.
Drew Barrymore's likeability and honesty on camera is what makes her role work so well for her. Steve Zahn's portrayal of a hopeless, yet loveable loser is perfect. He has some great talent especially when the roles that he has call for spontaneous comedy. He …

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