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Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 08/08/2007

If you've seen or heard of the movie 'Rounders' you've basically seen this movie.

Think of it as 'Rounders' step-brother about billiards.

I have deep respect for actor/writer/directors; because I like people who multi-task, so I can respect Mars Callahan for doing this movie.

It's not very deep. The acting is ok. It has Ricky Schroeder (the little kid from Silver Spoons; or these days NYPD Blue...when it was still on the air). The weakest link in the entire film was Alison Eastwood. Her acting just seemed a bit bland....not very believable.

Otherwise, a good movie to have playing when you're hanging with the guys and want something on in the background while you're drinking or playing cards or whatnot.

Of anything....it has Christopher Walken in it.......who is …

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