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Laugh out-loud send up of popular teen movies.

filmfan09 - wrote on 01/09/2009

Compared to movies like Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet The Spartans, Shriek If You Know What I Did Did Last Friday The Thirteenth, this movie TOTALLY takes the cake.By itself, I suppose it was pretty good.In the middle of great and OKAY, Not Another Teen Movie is a very entertaining and somewhat underrated and under appreciated spoof.I laughed a lot at this movie, because it was very humorous.It was just poorly written, and not that well directed, produced, etc.The acting was fine I suppose, and this movie I think did a way better job at spoofing the films it makes fun of, other besides Scary Movie which was so much better. If you like these types of movies, why not give this one a try. Watch it when you get the chance if you haven't, and if you've already watched it and didn't like it, …

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