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One of Pixar's winners....

Lee - wrote on 06/13/2013

In preparation for the much anticipated release of the 'Monsters Inc." prequel " Monsters University" which arrives no later than June 21st (May I add the day before my son's b-day so guess what he wants to win situation for me) 2013 The kids and I decided it would be cool to watch my Blu-ray copy of the film. There are a handful of animated films that come out each and every year and only a couple seem to make their way into the Kyle dvd collection and Monsters Inc. is one of em. No matter how many times I view this film it never gets stale as it always brings joy and laughter into our hearts time after time. Walt Disney's Pixar crew spared no eye popping color and CGI animated brilliancy delivering this one as they bring to us the story of what actually lurks behind those …

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