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Indyfreak - wrote on 07/07/2022

Stylish if slow paced throwback to the horror movies of the '70s. It owes a lot to movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Eaten Alive. Things don't get bloody and gory until the second half. Throwing in a topless Brittany Snow and Mia Goth keeps things watchable though. Can't complain about that.

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 04/06/2022

A typically gratuitous fright fest, "X" might be too slow for the shortest of attention spans, but this slow-building slasher flick will not let down most horror fanatics.

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Fatguy - wrote on 03/26/2022

Okay I'll admit maybe call me stupid for going into this movie expecting anything less than what j got knowing it's about the making of a adult film okay yeah I expected it to be rough but what I didn't expect was such graphic and real like sex scenes I had to walk out of the theater here so I'm.not sure if I'm.a good candidate to review this film I never really got to the horror element that's supposed to be there because of everything else it seemed like it would have been a really good movie I'll self admit if they just hadn't made the sex scenes almost look so real like o probably would have stayed I mean ya know i get it's a poen film but my god

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