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Amazing Sequel!

HorrorFanatic2031 - wrote on 07/20/2011

A great sequel to a great movie. Although Carpenter did not direct, Rick Rosenthal made an excellent sequel that really delivered and ended the story very well. I loved how Michael Myers was always in the shadows like the first, even though it was majorly in a hospital, it worked and made it as creepy as the first. Dick Warlock as Michael Myers was just awesome, he's known as one of the best Myers stuntmen, known for his robot-like walk and his head tilt he does. In this film Myers also uses a Scalpel through out the whole film instead of a knife, which doesn't take anything away from the film. The death scenes in this film were great and much better than the first. This film still had suspense but added more blood which was ok, and it worked til the end.

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