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I really like those Netflix Originals.

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 04/03/2018

“He was a good man.
The best of us.
It should never have happened.
But it did…
And all we can do is remember him.
Robert, we miss you, mate.”

“The Ritual” is a British horror that takes place in a Swedish forest where four friends go on a hike in honor of a deceased friend. After seeing so many films where a dark forest provides terrifying and life-threatening situations, I made a decision. I’ll never spend a weekend somewhere in a forest far from the civilized world in my life. Much too dangerous. In addition, it’s also certain that I’ll watch more of those Netflix Originals. Because these films, which are sometimes turned down by big film companies, really aren’t so bad.

“The Ritual“, however, wasn’t a complete success. The first part is without a …

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