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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/25/2019

Combining traditional Disney quirks with the feminist step-ups of its more recent princess fables, the deftly told, personality rich "Moana" stands out as one of the studio's more superior modern entries.

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Chrisman 27 - wrote on 12/09/2016

OK this was kinda hard to review for me I mean yeah I loved the movie no doubt and moana herself is a spunky little lady who is a good example of following your dreams and never giving up on yourself she was a treat but I don't believe in the Hawaiian god's and they are talked about here alot and almost praised seems like sometimes but I did however enjoy the rest of the movie and it was a treat to behold I fell in love with it from the start it's a smart hilarious little movie don't get me wrong just a little thrown off by the whole god thing but I still suggest that you see it and have a good time with the family you won't regret it if you do

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