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A decent SF story with some slick looking footage

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 03/06/2017

"Our business requires us to make suppositions. My business requires us to prove them. Your technician's job is to find glitches, so, he sees glitches. Your job is to find the enemy, so, you see the enemy. Locals believe in spirits, so they see spirits. Everyone is biased, in one way or another. So, my answer to you right now is that we lack data to support any theory."

I hope Netflix still has a few more similar films up their sleeve, because this was surely excellent work. Not only did it look great. It was also thrilling and action-packed. Unfortunately, the creators of this action-SF are huge admirers of "Aliens" I guess and based their concept a little bit too much on this blockbuster. Again, a group of hard-trained soldiers try to make their way through a war-ravaged metropolis …

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