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An arthouse psychological thriller filled with pla

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 09/08/2015

"Your wife is nothing but a pile of dirt now."

Couldn't you fall asleep the last few nights ? Or you just finished a heavy night shift ? Or those nagging rascals at home are driving you bananas all day ? In other words, you are completely groggy and you long for a good rest, then you definitely shouldn't watch "The Boy" because I guarantee you that you'll be dozing off. This psychological thriller (and certainly not horror) about a would-be psychopath in the making is eerie slow and creepy boring at the same time. Before a witch hunt is being unleashed against my little person, let me mention briefly that I really understood (probably) the initial intention of this film (which is surely successful when it comes to the images used). Although you could interpret it in different …

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