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Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
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Outcasts in the Outback

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/22/2015

A brother and sister go missing after a duststorm hits the rural Australian town they have recently relocated to - a local search committee is organized but soon enough questions creep up about the reason the family moved and reveals a family living in denial, trying to hide or ignore some deeply troubled issues. What seems like a straight-forward story on the surface goes much deeper and thanks to some great casting, the characters manage to bring that depth as well.

I have never been a huge fan of Nicole Kidman - whether it was the films or the characters, often one of the two rub me the wrong way. However, Kidman shines here - she portrays a woman who at time vulnerable but also assertive - with a simmering sexual desire hidden just under her calm demeanor. On the other side her …

Kalpesh Prajapati
Kalpesh Prajapati
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Kalpesh Prajapati - wrote on 07/23/2015

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This Australian-Irish movie stars Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving in lead roles. This Drama-Thriller has got a limited release in United States and will be available as video on demand.

Story revolves around finding two kids who have disappeared and how their parents cope with the situation. The emotional scenes are well acted by Kidman and Fiennes but the direction ruins the whole movie.

This movie is snail paced. The introductory scenes, though slow, are well shot and hence the audience will hope that the movie picks pace after it. Instead, will soon start to realise the amateurish direction and missed plots.

A lot of possible reasons for the disappearance are established in the movie but none of them are …

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