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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/25/2019

It has all the style & production design of "Pan's Labyrinth," but not nearly as many of its strengths. "Crimson Peak" is too often tedious and predictable.

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akhansen - wrote on 11/10/2018

A Gothic remake of Flowers in the Attic.

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Horrornut45 - wrote on 10/31/2017

From the movie trailer I thought looks scary good this movie was not scary what a bad movie

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 04/02/2017

A Gothic love-letter from Guillermo del Toro. Even though I guessed most of the twists well in advance, I still absolutely loved the look of this film and the decaying mansion has to be one of the most impressive sets in recent history. Loved the look of the creepy ghosts as well, plus the impressive costumes and the acting from all the leads, especially Jessica Chastain. Worth a look from the serious horror connoisseur.

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Indyfreak - wrote on 03/19/2016

Guillermo del Toro has crafted an affectionate and stylish homage to the Hammer Horror films of old. The cast is fine but the true star of the show is the production design. The art direction, the costumes, the cinematography, and the visuals are flat out fantastic. Those looking for a blood-and-guts type of horror film will be sorely disappointed. Crimson Peak is more of a gothic romance but it does have its fair share of blood and guts, especially in the thrilling climax. As for the actors, the best performance is courtesy of Jessica Chastain who seems to be taking cues from the Joan Crawford school of screaming and shouting. Seriously though, Chastain is a hoot in this.

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Amy - wrote on 10/27/2015

Campy edwardian haunted house horror? Yes, please. I can tick off a ton of flaws with the acting, the pacing, the plot, the dialogue, and the special effects... it was definitely more stagey than spooky. But I loved every ridiculous, over the top minute. Especially the fabulously sinister Jessica Chastain.

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