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Indyfreak - wrote on 01/13/2019

Entertaining sequel to The Maze Runner. Wasn't quite expecting it to shift into a zombie horror film in the second act but that was interesting. If people weren't buying the love story, there's a twist in the third act that makes it stand out from other Y/A movies. For the budget, the visuals were impressive. The returning cast's friendship remains strong enough. But Giancarlo Esposito was a riot and easily the best part of the movie. Unfortunately, the villains remain unimpressive.

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 07/13/2016

While I can't complain about this film diverging completely from the book because I haven't read them - I can complain that this sequel pretty much ignores everything from the first film and turns into some kind of futuristic zombie runner with a bunch of stuff happening, yet nothing getting resolved at all. A bunch of new people are introduced, there's a lot of action yet I'm left feeling a bit empty as just because there's a lot going on doesn't mean there's much worth remembering.

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