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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/26/2019

Heart-poundingly good, and while its message about war has been made clear time and time again, this gripping film doesn't make it any less true.

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tonks76 - wrote on 02/09/2016

Excellent drama, excellent acting. A British soldier gets lost after a deadly riot in Belfast and is hunted and helped by different people. An intense story that show the good side and the bad side of people, organizations and institutions.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/23/2015

71 is gripping, intense and a great thriller. Jack O'Connell dose a fantastic and a compelling performance in this movie. Yann Demange directing was also superb as he really added a lot to this movie when it came to the intense scenes.

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Snoogans - wrote on 07/16/2015

A time period thriller with 'Bourne' style direction and realistic violence. The beginning is tense. A dire situation erupts out of heightened stress, which leads to a frantic chase. While the movie is fast paced, it doesn't sustain that frantic nature throughout. The usual 'run and hide from the bad guys' scenarios are punctuated by a couple of surprise bursts of shock violence. One explosion caught me off guard and I appreciated the harsh realism of it's aftermath. Other than that, this was a standard thriller.

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