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Chris Kavan - wrote on 12/02/2015

Straight up - if you've enjoyed Liam Neeson films in the past, chances are you're going to also like Run All Night. It keeps the formula pretty much similar (though I do like Neeson playing more of a bad guy than the good guy for once) to his previous movies. Lots of action, some tense moments, growling lines of dialogue - Common is excellent as the assassin and Joel Kinnaman (who is often overlooked) is great as Neeson's estranged son. Overall, not groundbreaking but good for what it is.

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Snoogans - wrote on 03/16/2015

Neeson continues his streak of tough guy heroics in 'Run All Night'. This outing is more satisfying than most of his previous, because of the attention to characters and relationships. This is a serious crime drama with more grounded action. Thrilling chases and tense standoffs punctuate a solid story about redemption. Neeson plays a sympathetic criminal here. He's done much wrong to his family, as well as having been a murderer. In one night he hopes to mend relations with his son and atone for his many crimes. The emotional scenes are earned though the feeling of shared history between all the characters. More substance to be had than the usual offering. Good watch.

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