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Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/07/2014

After a blind woman receives a cornea transplant she begins to have strange visions that seem to be related to the donor's eyes. With the help of a doctor, she tracks down the origin of her sight in hopes of unraveling the mystery. This movie has your least favorite cliches on the planet like, Jump scares and horrible CGI.

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 10/09/2009

Another anemic Hollywood remake of a superior product. The original Pang Bros., while not as slick, was much better. Even if they recycle a lot of the material, this never seems as interesting or tense.

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kcvidkid - wrote on 10/20/2008

As much as I loved the original "The Eye", I had no hopes for the American rehash. In fact, I waited months before even watching it. But, pleasantly surprised, it was not bad. Although I would assign blame to the director, he did have a tough act to follow from the Pang Brothers. There was really no way for the climax to have the emotional impact of the original. For the first time, Jessica Alba did not bother me. I've yet to be impressed by one of her performances, but then I'm using looking at the beauty of her male co-stars. For someone who doesn't like to "read" their movies, I'd recommend the remake. However, they're not likely to understand the greatness of the original.

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