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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/18/2019

A musical that's as magical as it is overstuffed.

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Nolane - wrote on 09/02/2015

An absolutely awful movie with terrible music, poor special effects, slow pacing and a dull story that is only partially redeemed by a fun performance by Meryl Streep who steals the ENTIRE movie as the witch, and some demented humor that occasionally works.

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Chris d - wrote on 01/27/2015

Ok well let me start by saying I really did enjoy the movie alot don't get me wrong a fun adventure full of laughs and music however on the other hand the film also had alot of things I found unnecessary for. A kids movie 1.the whole thing with the wolf And red riding hood was super creepy 2.little red riding hood looks more like tween red ridding hood 3. The prince cheats on Cinderella 4.cinderella has gigantic Boobs and they are very noticible at times "but I loved Anna kindric she made a beautiful Cinderella the movie is fantastic just watch about the content I mentioned but fabulous movie

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Snoogans - wrote on 12/30/2014

'Into the Woods' is a fun fantasy musical. The story blends classic fairy tale stories together. It pays homage to them, while poking at the usual tropes. Some great comedic moments coincide with the terrifically performed songs. It generates a warm, playful atmosphere. The second half shakes up the familiar plot with a contrast of more mature themes, adding a slightly darker tone. The presumed 'happily ever after' is taken aback to infuse a bit more dramatic complexity. The shift brings a modern twist on the learnings from fables. New life lessons are here to test. All ages will undoubtedly receive an equal share. It's topped off by a grand production and an immensely talented cast. Very enjoyable.

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