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chrisman26 - wrote on 11/25/2015

i was super pumped to see this movie it looked well out of this world but when i finally got around to seeing it i d k reallly what was missing but something defenetly wasnt there it was ok just not that exciting or good it was kindof suckish actually i say skip it

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Chris d - wrote on 05/24/2015

gotta say when i sat down to watch this movie i was expecting a action movie from the trailer but what i got was something a little difrent however still a very good movie full of fun characters and excitement kindof a acrton syfy mix and full of laughs as well thanks to mr clooney and the two leading ladys full of fun for the entire family disney has once agin proved it can do the inpossibke when it comes to movies i say be careful with really young kids though due to action peril and language threw out the film however good for tweens and older who are mature enough to appriceate it for the summer blockbuster it truly is

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