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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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Worst movie of all time

Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/13/2014

The opening shot of this movie is a man eating his breakfast but out of nowhere he get's attached by this girl with a knife, she shapes him a couple of times and then she stops and goes to the kitchen and picks up a hot frying pan and hits him with it and that is the funniest thing that I ever seen in movie history. The story is about a horror anthology covering 26 chapters (each dealing with a letter of the alphabet) with a focus on death, in all its form of wonder and brutality. This is movie is laughable in a bad way I mean this movie is worst then Fred the movie and transformers 2. The CGI is so fake that I can make better effect's with my hands and feet. the acting is so bad that I can't but it into word how bad it was, The writing is lazy and the stories was short and didn't make …

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