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I thought I was supposed to go into shock..

TheWolf - wrote on 07/25/2007

Based on the Japanese movie series Infernal Affairs this is one of the best adaptations from one culture to another that I think I have seen in a film. The best thing about this film is that you actually care for the characters, this was something that I couldn't say for the original Infernal Affairs, the characters in that movie were just too flat. The suspense and dramatic climaxes are really built up in this movie.
Another reason that I love this movie is that there is a friend of mine that has a good size role. By good size I mean that while its only about a 5 minute scene, he isn't an extra. If you watch the movie again look for the scene that Begins with a firecracker being lit. It is a scene in which DiCaprio is interrogating a man in his apartment, and he shoots the man in the …

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