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"Put it back."

Rod - wrote on 12/26/2013

A criminal (Mel Gibson) and a 9-year-old boy (Kevin Hernandez), together makes a perfect duo in surviving a Mexican prison.

Get the Gringo is a clean action-drama film, or should I say an "at least not boring" film. I really love the music and the editing! A dramatic, while at the same time, thrilling feel made this movie watchable.
Kevin Hernandez (the kid) was awesome. Liked him the moment he entered the frame.
The story, however, for me is slow-phased. Though I appreciate and it is good that they spent much time on establishing the setting because for some audience like me, I am not familiar to the kind of prison setup the movie used. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I also questioned the latter part, where in the middle of a raid, there is an on-going transplant, and Mel Gibson said to …

Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
Movie God

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Get the Gringo review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 05/24/2012

The Gringo (Mel Gibson) was apprehended in Mexico and was placed in a unique prison that is similar to a mall made in hell. He observes the people responsible for running the place and is aided by a 10 year old who would like to avenge his father's death. Big bosses such as Frank and Javi will find soon discover their fates crossed because of greed and corruption. The soundtrack matched the gritty locations while the action fast paced from car chases, to poetic gun fights and a cleverly written plot (with Gibson having a part of the idea). Performances all around were believable and most of the action sequences were stylish. Some of the violence were brutal which shows the horrible nature of the antagonists. Subjects on revenge, friendship, motherhood, quitting smoking, greed, …

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