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Veterans and Dev Patel!

Rod - wrote on 12/26/2013

An old Indian hotel houses a group of aged individuals seeking for some relief, happiness, and enlightenment.

First and foremost, the movie has a powerful script, I almost tweeted every single line of it! A comedy for adults (not an x-rated one) that was definitely enjoyed by everyone. Very inspiring! Solid characters, may it be the lead characters or the supporting roles. ***SPOILER ALERT*** The unexpected death came out of nowhere, but it done no damage at the story at all.
There had been some problematic shots but the over-all Indian feel was good. I also appreciated the characters build-up.
Last but not the least, EXCELLENT CASTING! From all the senior leads to Dev Patel, who by the way, never failed to entertain me. Good to see him performing among these veterans and …

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