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Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/03/2013

I don't know what I was expecting with this movie, but it turned out that it had a very serious message to tell. Gerard Butler actually shows he still has range and talent as Sam Childers, a rough man who finds his calling in helping the people of Sudan and Northern Uganda. This doesn't come without a cost, however, as he almost loses his family and his livelihood while on his quest to counter effect the devastation wrought by LRA leader Kony. It's much more powerful than I was expecting and recommended.

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smeagol - wrote on 06/07/2012

Silly title serious movie based somewhat on a true story , sam childers is a drug taking biker bad boy who after being released from prison and getting involved in a further incident he then finds god in the form of church and ends up going to africa to build a orphanage and save the children of South Sudan. it has a silly title but its a very serious movie. about the troubles in Northern Uganda and South Sudan ,its his methods to get the job done and his resiistance which leads hm becomes known as the machine gun preache . a thought provoking movie nicely played by gerard butler..not the gun hoe kill em mash it up movie the title leads you to belive but a thought provoking film about real events .

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