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Matthew Brady - wrote on 01/04/2014

Okay why is this movie called the house at the end of the street but in the movie they are in the wood's thought out the movie.the house at the end of the street. this is so far the worst movie of 2012 I mean the acting is terrible and they are lot of annoying jump scares.and this movie will get a 1/4 star's "don't watch or buy this movie".

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 05/19/2013

Even with It actress Jennifer Lawrence, I couldn't get into this by-the-books thriller. It seems to try too hard for what turns out to be a completely average result. Bah - after seeing her as Katniss and in Silver Linings, this seems just so... below her - even if she still looks great.

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Amber - wrote on 01/15/2013

Not a great movie but still good to the end! I figured this would be a typical creepy neighbor type horror flick and in a way it was exactly that but with an interesting little twist. I found the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship to be quite believable. I found it a little difficult to sympathize with the character Ryan until the very end when it was revealed what he had endured in his childhood. All in all a good jumpy horror movie that will leave you questions how on earth some people become parents. I liked this movie enough that I will be buying a copy soon.

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