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Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/10/2014

This movie was more faster then the other one's. Dom and his crew have found wealth, but they can never return to their homes. But there is hope to return to normality when Agent Hobbs offers them a deal - if the assembled crew can help topple a team of mercenary drivers whose crimes span 12 countries, their records will be cleared and past crimes pardoned. Dom agrees - but what will the personal cost be when he learns that one of the members he has to take down. This movie was a fun action pack, I mean good stunts and mind blowing action.

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smeagol - wrote on 08/29/2013

its totally unrealistic and silly , pure hollywood at its best and worst. entertainment 1st then story and realness last. cars girls chases shooting the usual thing. and a silly bad guy . its entertainment but its not what i'd call a good film, its basically just something to watch., good cast though even if they didn't use them all as much as they should of.

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