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Have killed for my country, or whatever,

gideon43 - wrote on 06/03/2010

Strongly connected to The Deer Hunter in more ways than one, Coming Home is an unconvenitional love story set against the background of the Vietnam War and the effect on American soldiers back from the battleground.
Creating some controversy in the casting of Jane Fonda who years earlier had happily posed with the North Vietnamese earning herself the nickname "Hanoi Jane" and Jon Voight who at the time had strong political views, Coming Home is never the less a highly thoughtful and moving movie.
More upbeat and sincere than the Deer Hunter, both movies vied for the Best Picture Oscar with the Deer Hunter coming out on top.
With the Vietnam War still an open wound in the states and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq still at the forefront of the news, Coming Home and The Deer Hunter …

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