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"The Girl Who Played With Fire" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 09/30/2014

Lisbeth is framed for the murder of two journalists conducting an expose on organized crime concerned with girl trafficking and so once again enlists the aid of Mikael Blomkvist in uncovering the true culprit. The second part of The Millennium Trilogy continues the story where TGWTDT left off and displays many of the same strengths and weaknesses. This time Lisbeth's character is explored with a little more subtlety, allowing Noomi Rapace to settle into a role that doesn't focus so much on voyeuristic social quirks making for a stronger central protagonist. She and Blomkvist do not meet until the final act which actually works well as it maintains the spirit of Lisbeth's fiercely independent, loner character and the sex and violence is not quite so salacious. This made me warm to the …


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Satisfactory not GREAT!

MovieAddict - wrote on 03/01/2012

The first movie based on the book, Men Who Hate Women (or Girl with a Dragon Tattoo), was excellent, but the second film which focuses on Lisbeth's own mystery, is unfortunately not as good.

The plot revolves around Mikael Blomkvist's investigation into a sex- trafficking ring and Lisbeth's past coming back to haunt her when she is framed for murdering a journalist, a researcher, and her previous ex-rapist guardian when her fingerprints are found on the gun that killed him.
We were introduced to Lisbeth in the GWTDT and it's very hard to equal that for thrills. Its sequel is held together at the seams by the Noomi Rapace's flawless performance. Her character of Lisabeth Salander is the heart and soul of the story and as we peel back the layers and get to know more about her, the …

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Better than Bourne and Bond Together.

Adict - wrote on 06/06/2010

The second film in the Millenium Trilogy is pumped with more action and substitutes the endless twists of the first, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, with unforeseen, profound revelations about the cast of characters. What seemed like stone hard, unfallable evidence in the first is now, one year later, the most dangerous thing in Salander's life. The police, the paparrazi, the government, and former secret agents are swarming Sweden to get at her and her goods.

Modern thrillers haven't pumped the blood like this since the Bourne Trilogy, and the endless quest, which was beyond futile with Halle Berry as the suppossed female Bond, is finally fulfilled with the brillaint and human Salander. So far, she's smarter than Bond and Bourne together and the mysteries surrounding her are even …

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