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This Genie Has Pipes...and a Little Cheese

Alex - wrote on 12/04/2010

An entertaining musical that gets the job done. Aguilera is not a bad actress and neither is Cher. So if you like sexy, singing, musicals this is a good one to see.

Granted, there were plenty of cheesy parts to turn many people off but let's be honest here. This is a musical starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. It's entertainment, not storytelling. Most of the cast is good and the dancing is super sexy. Bottom line is that I liked it enough though I don't think it is worthy of any awards (even in the musical or comedy category) but it is infinitely better than Mama Mia! and Dreamgirls.

The story is very typical of any many chick flicks (Coyote Ugly comes to mind) and the actions that occur are also very typical (guy and girl fall in love...blah blah blah). But the dancing and …

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