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Rod - wrote on 10/22/2010

The Back-Up Plan a nice movie.. my sister likes Zoe's bag.. and.. uhmm.. what else can i say? I can say that this movie is "Okay" for those who want to be relaxed. I like it but nothing really happened in the movie. This film is simply a "re-enactment" of a couple. JUST THAT. The story is okay, the performances are okay, the whole film is okay. okay, I'm done! =D

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Freddie - wrote on 09/15/2010

It's really too bad that Jennifer Lopez makes so many terrible movies. This had potential to be a good comedy. There were moments where I actually laughed out loud. However, the overall writing was pretty awful. I remember thinking a few times "Do people actually talk like that?" Also, the development of the relationship was so rushed that it was uncomfortable to watch at some points. Finally, Lopez is not really a great actress. She overacts a lot and when she doesn't know what to do with her character she does this weird voice thing that I can't explain. It comes out in all of her movies. It's a shame this movie had to suck. I really wish it could have been better.

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