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"Beowulf And Grendel" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 10/20/2015

A more faithful adaptation of the classic of English literature than the animated feature that was released the following year, this version is a grittier affair set on windswept, fog enshrouded hillsides as Gerard Butler's celebrated warrior comes to realise that the "monster" he faces is not at all what he was expecting. It features a solid cast of character actors and some nice costume design but it lacks the visual spectacle and epic action sequences many will have come to expect from this type of story since the celebrated LOTR films and Game Of Thrones. Not a real contender for Peter Jackson's crown, but it is still an interesting moral tale intelligently told and should have enough character and wit to be enjoyable for those able to accept its absence of bombast and special …

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