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I still hate Shia LaBeouf

patjohnson76 - wrote on 10/04/2010

This film has its good and bad. For the good, it's great to see Gordon Gekko back on the screen again, even though he seems like a different character for most of the movie. The bad, this movie seems like it was a stand alone script that someone realized "hey, let's insert Gordon Gekko in here and make it a sequel!"

As such, some of the relationships don't work (Gekko had kids? Huh?). LaBeouf and Mulligan are too young to be as successful as they are. And once the film finally gets to getting us to the Gekko that we remember, by that time so many plot twists have happened that the film loses credibility.

However, like I said, it's nice to see Gekko again, and given Michael Douglas' health battles, an appreciation for his talents magnifies. If the original Wall Street is a movie …

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