American Gangster Movie Plots

Movie Plots

So he's doing business, direct. Like his uncle didn't like. Who's this bar exam passer guy that wants to bring him down? He's not zel's man. My man. Zel is a straight shooter literally, and not a gangster just a moneymaker, ok. So he gets caught, snitches, serves time, gets released in 1991, the end. I don't like slow paced movies, or movies where the characters don't have character. Zel acts tough. Doesn't say much, which sucks. Russell steals every scene, awesome to watch and has more intersting lines than zel. I don't like this movie. Crimson tide rules. -- manoj91

Based on a true story about a gangster who smuggles in drugs in the coffins of dead Vietnam soldiers while a detective tries to track him down.

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