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Indyfreak - wrote on 04/06/2022

Turbulent mystery-thriller with some fine performances. Anne Hathaway is very good in this as is Patrick Wilson. The plot twists are a bit creaky and there are a couple turns that may leave viewers a bit sour.

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Kyle(The Rebel) - wrote on 08/28/2012

Great mystery, that is also very touching. Terrific twist ending!

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lpd381 - wrote on 01/07/2012

I am a huge Anne Hathaway fan but I have to say that this is probably one of her worse movies. It's not bad through any fault of her own, the acting by everybody in the movie is solid. This is just horrible writing. It's incredibly predictable. My wife actually guessed this within the first ten minutes. I enjoyed watching the ending but the journey to get there was just not worth it. Also, Anne Hathaway's character is supposed to by a therapist which makes 90% of this movie frustrating in how un-professional she is. Overall I was very disappointed and wont be watching it again. If you catch it on TV you might enjoy it otherwise it's not really worth watching.

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