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Different Similarities

Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 10/06/2009

This movie was pretty decent. I would probably give it 4-4.5 out of 5. The main premise was pretty basic in horror terms: out cast boy gets "slighted" by a group of young girls in elementary school, he's psychologically deranged and then goes about getting revenge on them years later. Sounds like you've seen it already right? Well, it is a bit different. He collects the girls...and we see him collecting them. It is very interesting seeing this aspect and just the various ways they go about it. It seemed to pull some inspiration from classic urban legends or other horror flicks like 'When A Stranger Calls', 'Joy Ride', and other movies that have "torture devices". The end is a little anti-climactic but there is a creepy clown looking costume during part of the movie that is generally …

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