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If you don't dance shut up!!!

prettypirate - wrote on 10/25/2009

Ok, could everybody please stop saying this movie is just dancing, because FYI it is supposed to be about just dancing. You call that a dance movie. The story is not half as important as the dancing, because real children in the streets watch movies like this and then teach themselves to dance. They start crews and they find their inspiration in the amazing moves of the legends. They do not care about the story, the have got their own story to write and they need examples to follow. If you do not like dancing, do not watch dance movies. It is as simple as that. Now that we are all on the same page, this movie is excellent. The casting is good and I thought the plot was entertaining enough, because it is real. Movies do not have to be imaginitive or unreal. Movies can be an opportunity to …

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Could Have Been Better

chiggles - wrote on 05/31/2008

Andie is a street grown girl, born on the streets and suffered on the streets. After the tragic death of her mother though, the streets become her family. Dancing in the streets is like none other, no rules, no boundaries, only your style and your crew. When Andie finally gets it big though, her only shot is to go to MSA. There, she meets Chase, the most popular guy in the school and talented when it comes to dancing. When Andie is kicked from her crew though, Andie and Chase make their own and bring it to the streets.

Step Up is definitely not in my favorites list, I thought it was boring and a drag to watch. So approaching Step Up 2 was a little hard, since it reminded me of movies like You Got Served and Stomp The Yard. Now that I have watched the whole movie and saw what it had to …

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