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filmfan09 - wrote on 02/14/2009

Considering the fact that I haven't see the first one (nor do I want to) I really have nothing else to compare this movie too, and because of this it stands alone. See it for the dancing. This was definitely the movie with the best dancing, but not necessarily the best storyline. The movie kept me totally entertained the whole time even though it was totally predictable.

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Tino - wrote on 05/22/2008

Any educated film-goer knows not to expect much going into Step Up 2, but it couldn't hurt the film-makers too much to throw in just a tad bit of creativity into the project. This movie completely relies on it's dancing. There is a very lame and formulaic story, horrible acting, and terrible writing. Films are stories, and film-makers are story-tellers. Dancing is not a method of story-telling. If a person wants to see dancing, they can find it on T.V. or at the theater, but it shouldn't be used so excessively in movies. Unlike the first Step Up, which had a decent, half-way original story, and decent acting, Step Up 2 has nothing to offer but flashy moves, for anyone whose interested in this product of MTV, generation-b, pop culture slop.

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