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What did ever happen to Baby Jane?

Gabe - wrote on 11/12/2015

Not a terrible film. But, I just don't quite understand how this is sometimes considered a horror film? Having said that, Bette Davis gives a tour-De-force performance that is hard to beat. How Anne Bancroft beat her out for the Best Actress Oscar beats me. I'll admit, I've Never seen the Miracle Worker (1962). She is great!

One thing that hurts this film, is that it reminds me of two films that came before it, and were better, Sunset Boulevard (1950) and Psycho (1960).

Sunset Boulevard is also about a has-been, delusional star (actress in that film, child-star in this one), who is trying desperately to cling to the last remnants of her fame. I thought the mystery in Sunset Boulevard was better than the one in this film.

It also reminded me of Psycho. In Psycho, Norman …

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"Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 01/19/2012

A wheelchair-bound ex-Hollywood star is terrorized within her own home by her jealous and alcoholic elder sister. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? hasn't got the most promising premise for a "comedy", but like Psycho and Dr Strangelove, it's the macabre streak of black humour that provides the stroke of genius that makes it what it is. The plot read as straight is a very melodramatic, soapy affair, but Aldrich's skewed approach makes a black-hearted comedy of grotesques out of it all in a similar way to Sunset Boulevard. The cast are all great, but it is Bette Davis' show all the way as the increasingly unhinged child star-turned embittered old harridan and she sends herself up rotten; the scene where she recreates her old act has to be seen to be believed! The attractive cinematography …

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