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prettypirate - wrote on 10/25/2009

Columbus Short is back with another great dance movie that blows your mind away. Stepping is becoming more and more popular and I regard this movie as the finest stepping I have ever seen. Being a dance movie the actual dancing is the most important factor, but this movie also has an interesting plot which highlights the important things in life and shows us that we have just got to keep going for what we want. Chris Brown also features for a short time with some very impressive dance moves. I thought the casting was good, the plot was great and the stepping was awesome. This is definitely a must see movie for all dance fans. I have got to add for the girls: there are a few handsome fellas in this movie!

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moviefanatic484 - wrote on 03/29/2009

This movie was great, when things are looking down you don't just stop and say foreget it just because things aren't going your way. In this movie that is just what happens. When things are going badley the Main charecter continues to move on and continues to try harder for what he wants.

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