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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
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Franz Patrick - wrote on 11/04/2008

I almost want to give this picture a solid recommendation due to its mesmerizing second half, but I can’t find it in my heart to forgive the extremely slow and uneven first half. When Marion Cotillard (who played Edith Piaf) won the Oscar for Best Actress, I was extremely frustrated with the Academy because I expected Julie Christie to win for playing a woman who was ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease in “Away from Her.” But after watching some of Cotillard’s other films (like “Big Fish”), including “La Vie en Rose,” I realized how much she had to transform in order to play Piaf. I was really impressed because she almost had to carry the entire film by herself. I don’t know if it’s the characters or just the style of filmmaking that turned me off. This film does not …

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