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Josh C
Josh C

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Josh C - wrote on 11/05/2007

A riot. The idea was clearly taken right from the "Hitchhiker's Guide." If you want a movie with a real plot this is not your film. However, if you want a movie with funny narration, interesting graphics and an almost documentary feel this is for you. The movie was broken up into several "guides" starting with how to get into clubs and eventually covering topics like "Sketchy drugs vs. Fun drugs" and "Greasing the Bartender's wheels".

I learned quite a bit about how to store cocaine, how to detect a coke whore, what to do to avoid the awkward morning after a hookup and how to get into a club. I think the movie is better if you can relate some of the things they go over, so if you are a homebody and have never been around that crowd you may find it hard to enjoy. But I could be wrong. …

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