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The Film Rebel - wrote on 01/15/2011

This movie was just so painfully unfunny. The way I see it, any movie that attempts to be a drama or action and fails on living up to its genre, still has the potential to be an enjoyable unintentional comedy. But when you're a comedy and can't live up to what you're supposed to be, then you're just dead! You're nothing! And that's all this movie is. Nothing.

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Mewlover92 - wrote on 10/11/2008

Yea.. had some funny parts but not pee your pants funny...Not one of Zachs best movies =/

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frenchfreyteetor - wrote on 11/25/2007

This movie has some of my favorite actors and they don't dissapoint in this cute and funny movie. As the movie progresses you start to see what a jerk Jason Bateman's character is. The more he acts like a jerk the funnier this movie is. This movie was well worth my time. Check it out!

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