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Re-viewing makes a lot of difference!!

Lee - wrote on 10/02/2012

I used to despise alot of Tim Burton's movies thinking they were just not my cup of tea infact i actually found alot of them quite boring. That however was my views a few years ago and after re-watching Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, which also has Johnny Depp and Tim Burton once again teaming up, it got me thinking that maybe i should give Burton's films another run in the park as most of them i only viewed once anyways. Well the first one that i saw and hated was the movie here in question that being Sleepy Hollow. I knew the general storyline from of coarse having seen it before but also from the timeless Halloween story of Ichobod Crane and The Headless Horseman.

Needless to say this was a ' 2 times a charm' sort of scenerio cause i was actually was quite surprised …

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"Sleepy Hollow" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 02/03/2012

New York City constable Ichabod Crane, despairing at his police force's archaic methods of investigation seeks to prove himself on a murder case in Sleepy Hollow where several of its citizens have been found decapitated. The American literary classic gets the Burton treatment in this lavish re-imagining of the familiar tale of the headless horseman. Johnny Depp brings his usual brand of quirky charm to the part of the olde worlde CSI wannabe whose faith in science and reason is tested by coming face to face with a ghoulish spectre; in fact this part can be seen as the prototype of the slightly inept, not entirely courageous pirate we all know and love. This film unites all the elements that make me love Tim Burton's work and is a kind of gothic fantasy homage to Hammmer horror with the …

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