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Sleepy Hollow

Re-viewing makes a lot of difference!!
Lee - wrote on 10/02/12

I used to despise alot of Tim Burton's movies thinking they were just not my cup of tea infact i actually found alot of them quite boring. That however was my views a few years ago and after re-watching Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, which also has Johnny Depp and Tim Burton once again teaming up, it got me thinking that maybe i should give Burton's films another run in the park as most of them i only viewed once anyways. Well the first one that i saw and hated was the movie here in question that being Sleepy Hollow. I knew the general storyline from of coarse having seen it before but also from the timeless Halloween story of Ichobod Crane and The Headless Horseman.

Needless to say this was a ' 2 times a charm' sort of scenerio cause i was actually was quite surprised how quickly i got into this film. For those of you who havent seen it or know nothing of the time old tale in storybooks, Ichobod Crane (Johnny Depp) a very timid (yet always acting braver then thou sort) is sent to the eerie little town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders that have a certain serial killer feel to them as the killer's tag seems to be lopping off of their heads and taking them with him as unusual trophies. Crane is soon to learn that a majority of Hollow's townspeople generally believe the be-headings are result of the famed Headless Horseman. Crane doesn't believe any of this of coarse that until he has a run in with the famed killer himself.

Glad i re watched this as i am now in love with Burton for not only his directing style but also for the fact that his backdrops and sets for the different scenes are so realistic and gloomy (From what i hear alot of Burton's own gothic rituals are the reason this is so) He is definatly a master of his craft bringing alot of age old stories to life through visuals and CGI. I have also noticed he seems to like working with actors that he has used in a lot of his other works as well. A stellar cast included in this one such as Christina Ricci (Who i find personally very underated) who plays Katrina Van Tassell, Michael Gambon (Baltus Van Tassell) and last but not least(in a non speaking role) the always great
Christopher Walken (as the fabled Hessian Horseman) Walken's performance is the best in this film as they have his teeth filed down(not really of course) to emit razor sharp fangs add some eerie contacts in his eye also incorporating his own wild styled hair and the end product is quite a belieavble Horseman (the scenes when his head is on of coarse)

An enjoyable film that just certified that i should be reviewing alot more of the Burton films i origionally had a distaste for!!

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